Top Dog Names of 2020

It’s undeniable that 2020 has been a bit of a nightmare, but some good did occur. Quite a few people were looking for a furry friend while quarantining due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused dog adoption rates to skyrocket, as reported by The Washington Post. This means that a whole lot of pups found their forever home and likely got a brand new name over the last few months. For this reason, we thought it would be fun to share the top dog names of this year. 

So without further ado, here are 2020’s most popular pup names, according to Travel & Leisure

  • Bella

  • Bella is both the most popular dog name of this year and the overall most popular dog name of the past 10 years. Interestingly enough, this seemingly has a lot to do with the Twilight franchise. 

    "Bella skyrocketed to the top spot following the popularity of the Twilight books and movies 10 years ago. But what's fascinating is that the name is still the number one pick today, long after the mania of the Twilight series has subsided,” explained the founder of the website My Dog’s Name, Kyle Larson. 

  • Luna 

  • While the name Luna takes second place this year, it was the top dog name of 2019. Mental Floss noted that the name’s popularity might be because of the beloved Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood. 

  • Charlie 

  • Charlie comes in at number 3 this year! A 2019 Woman’s Day article cited that the reason the name is currently in vogue may be due to the fact that Bradley Cooper’s dog and A Star Is Born costar, is named Charlie.

  • Lucy 

  • Lucy -- which means light -- happens to be a top name for babies of both the furry and human variety

  • Cooper

  • According to Nylabone, there is a chance that a lot of people are naming their dogs Cooper after Bradley Cooper. This man apparently has a lot of influence among dog owners. 

  • Max

  • Insider noted that the name Max comes “from the German and Dutch word ‘Maximus’ which means ‘greatest.’” This makes it the ideal name for any pooch destined for greatness (which literally is every dog).

  • Bailey

  • One of the reasons that the name Bailey is so popular is because it is suitable for both male and female pups. 

  • Daisy

  • Book lovers adore the name Daisy because of The Great Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan, as well as the titular character in Daisy Miller by Henry James.

  • Sadie 

  • Sadie means “princess” so it is the perfect name for any pup, in my humble opinion. 

  •  Lola

  • Lola, which is short for Dolores, rounds out 2020’s top ten dog names. 



    image courtesy of @cooperthecoolmutt


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