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Crate Training

Some pup parents may feel hesitant about the idea of crate training. That being said, this type of training can be quite beneficial. According to the American Kennel Club, many canine companions like spending time in crates, as they are “den animals” and are drawn to “small, enclosed places.” Instead of being frightened or claustrophobic, they will likely feel safe and secure.

In a 2016 YouTube video, dog trainer and Animal Planet personality, Zak George listed the benefits of crate training your pooch.

“When used in moderation crates can be a fantastic way to help with overall training. They can give your dog a secure place to rest, save your property, assist with accelerating house training time and give you some freedom when you're distracted from puppy training,” explained George.

Now, it can get a little tricky when it comes to the training part. Ideally, you will begin crate training when your dog is on the younger side. While speaking to AKC in November 2021, a dog trainer at PUPS Pet Club, Anna Flayton, shared some suggestions to make training go without a hitch.

For starters, you should purchase an appropriately sized crate.

“Depending on how big your dog is going to get, buy the right crate for their adult. Then get a divider so you can build the space and grant them more and more space,” explained Flayton.

Pup parents can make the area even more enticing by handing their furry friends tasty treats and toys while they are inside the space. Flayton also noted that when you are first training your pooch, only leave them alone inside the crate for about an hour at any given period. Over a few months, you can start increasing the length of time you are away from your dog.

Zak George also noted that pup parents should refrain from keeping their dog in the crate for more than a few hours.

“Minimize the amount of time though your dog spends in the crate. So 15 minutes to an hour here and there and overnight are generally recommended. In cases where you have to work though avoid leaving your dog in a crate more than four hours at a time and less for dogs under four months of age,” said the dog trainer.

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