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I want the name “pit bull” to be associated with beautiful things and I want dog rescue to be repackaged in a stylish wrapper. -Casey Boshae Williams, founder of The Gentle Pit

The Gentle Pit is a mission-based apparel company with a unique goal: to restyle rescue and rebrand pit bulls through beautiful design.

Using gentle branding (think super soft fabrics, feminine silhouettes, pretty color palettes, and subtle design) The Gentle Pit seeks to attract all fashionable women even if they don’t—yet—own or love a pit bull. 

Our clothing, fine jewelry and other goods are designed to be beautiful and understated enough to appeal to non-pittie people. You don’t have to be a hardcore activist to love our brand or wear our products. All of our designs are intentionally minimalist. Even our signature pit bull logo is subdued. It softly represents a pit bull but could also easily reference any dog. Because when it comes down to it, pit bulls are in fact exactly like any other dog.

And that’s precisely the point. The Gentle Pit hopes to assimilate pit bulls into typical dog culture.

With a focus on inclusivity, The Gentle Pit is able to reach a broader audience—and hopefully inspire conversations that matter.

There are many misconceptions about pitties that we wish to correct through dialogue and education. But we’re not satisfied preaching to the (pit-loving) choir. We want to reach people who’ve perhaps never even thought about rescuing a dog or loving a pittie. And we believe the best way to achieve this is by creating an attractive, warm, beautiful brand that people are naturally drawn to. Once we catch their eye and ignite their curiosity, the lifesaving conversations can begin.