Each year, over 1.5 million
shelter dogs are euthanized.
40% of those are Pitbull type dogs.

You can't solve one problem without solving the other.

Hi, I'm Casey, founder of The Gentle Pit.

I created TGP as a mission-based apparel company with two goals:

1) Help fund dog rescue. We see how hard rescues work every day just to raise the money they need to save more dog's lives. We believe that for-profit businesses have a responsibility to give back to their communities. As such, we use our profits for good by giving as much as we can back to the continued animal rescue effort.

2) Re-shape the narrative around Bully bree type dogs through education, imagery and branding so that more shelter dogs have the chance to find their forever homes, regardless of their breed.

Thank you for joining us in rescuing, fostering and adopting!

The Gentle Pit supports dog rescue in three ways:


We volunteer at rescue organizations


We foster dogs awaiting adoption


We donate profits and merchandise from our shop directly to our rescue partners

Profit Donations

We always donate at least 10% of our profits from every sale to rescue organizations.

Thanks to our amazing community, we have been able to donate $26,000+ to rescue related causes since our inception in 2018.


The Gentle Pit is proud to partner with amazing rescue organizations across the country. Here are a few we've had the honor of working with and donating to: