Each year, over 1.5 million shelter dogs are euthanized. 40% of those are Pitbull type dogs. You can't solve one problem without solving the other. 

Hi, I'm Casey, founder of The Gentle Pit.

After adopting our first Pitbull, Olive, and becoming an active rescue volunteer and foster, I created TGP as a mission-based apparel company with two specific goals: To fund dog rescue differently and to re-brand Pitbull type dogs through beautiful design and imagery.

We are rescue advocates. We see how hard rescues work every day just to raise the money they need to save more dog's lives. We believe that for-profit business' have a responsibility to give back to the community that has supported them. As such, we want to use our profits for good by giving as much as we can back to the continued animal rescue effort.

Pitbull-type dogs make up almost half of all the dogs killed in shelters each year, simply because of how they look. Perpetuated, negative stereotypes have shaped a false narrative around these dogs and as a result, they get passed over for adoption in shelters and ultimately killed when overcrowding becomes an issue. Pitbulls are in desperate need of a re-brand based on facts (thanks, science!) and personal experiences, and we aim to help shape a new narrative for Bully breeds with our own imagery and branding. 

Our clothing, fine jewelry and other goods are designed to be beautiful and understated. You don’t have to be a hardcore activist to love our brand or wear our products. With a focus on inclusivity, The Gentle Pit is able to reach a broader audience—and hopefully inspire conversations that matter.

We want to reach people who’ve perhaps never even thought about rescuing a dog or loving a Pittie. And we believe the best way to achieve this is by creating an attractive, warm, beautiful brand that people are naturally drawn to. Once we catch their eye and ignite their curiosity, the lifesaving conversations can begin.