Dogs are Family

Dogs are Family

During the holiday season, many people try to find the perfect present for their loved ones. Due to this, some individuals who have an interest in dogs may have been gifted a new canine companion on Christmas. 

While it is not inherently problematic, gifting a pet may not be the most responsible decision. Unless, of course, you had already spoken at length about getting a new dog and understand what being a pup parent entails. 

That being said, some people who received dogs for Christmas may end up taking the dog to a shelter. This could be for several reasons. For instance, some individuals may not realize having a dog can be quite expensive. Others may be too busy to give their furry friend adequate care. 

During a January 2020 interview with WBTV, Judy Sims, the Executive Director at Humane Society of Concord, revealed that she noticed an uptick of dogs being taken to her shelter following the holiday season.  

“[People say], ‘It’s not what we bargained for, we adopted before we thought about it, our kids weren’t ready for it,’” said Sims. 

She then urged people to refrain from making “a snap judgment” before gifting a dog.

“Do some forward thinking, do some planning, think about what’s going to happen when soccer season starts, when baseball season start, when you go back to work. Think about those things,” said the executive director. 

While speaking to People magazine in December 2021, Dr. Evan Antin, a veterinarian located in Los Angeles, California, shared that he did not believe dogs should be Christmas gifts. 

“If someone isn’t expecting an animal, they’re likely not going to have that necessary knowledge, either,” explained the vet. “You want to prepare your lifestyle for an animal, how much time you have to commit to it. And you need a budget: What if this pet needs medical care, or special food? It’s not something you want thrown in your lap.”

Here at the Gentle Pit, we would like to remind potential dog adoptees that furry friends are family, not gifts. 

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