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Pet Insurance is SUPER Important!

Here at The Gentle Pit, we believe that one of the first steps after adopting a dog is to buy health insurance. Unfortunately, a 2018 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association found that only 2% of pet owners from the United States have pet insurance coverage. It appears that many pup parents refrain from pet insurance due to the additional cost. That being said, no one wants to have to choose between giving your furry friend a life-saving treatment or not having to go into thousands of dollars in debt. If that’s not enough to convince you to run out and immediately purchase some pet insurance, here are a few other reasons to consider. 

Pet Insurance Is Cost-Effective, Especially Down The Line

In a lot of ways, pet insurance is similar to regular health insurance. You’ll expect to have premiums, copayments, and deductibles. Thankfully, your pet’s insurance will be much cheaper than yours. Typically, your dog’s insurance will have a monthly cost of between $30 to $90, depending on a few factors, including what type of coverage and payment plan you choose. Basically, for the price of a nice pair of shoes (that your pup will probably end up chewing anyway), you are ensuring that your dog has the best health care available, without costing you a fortune. 

You Can Choose Your Vet 

Pet insurance policies permit pup parents to choose their veterinarian. You will also be able to visit a specialist without having a referral from your dog’s primary health care professional. 

Your Pet Will Receive Better Care 

If your pet is uninsured, you may be hesitant to bring your dog to the vet at the first sign of illness or injury. While your pet may be able to heal without medical assistance, there’s also a chance that there can be a turn for the worse and why would you want to risk that. After all, according to CNBC “1 in 3 of [American] pets will need emergency veterinary treatment within any given year.” With pet insurance, you can be more mindful of your dog’s health, without being held back by the expense of diagnostic tests. This way, your vet will be able to treat your dog immediately and increase Fido’s longevity and quality of life. And what more can we ask for?

For more, check out Casey's video on Pet Insurance.


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