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Happy DOGust!

Happy belated DOGust 1st everyone! For those unaware, August 1st is the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs

The holiday was established by the North Shore Animal League America in 2008. Since the age of many rescue dogs can only be approximated, NSALA wanted to have a specific day to celebrate pups who are still searching for their forever families. Also if you do have a rescue dog and are unsure about their actual birthday, this would be the perfect day to throw them a party. 

In addition, many use DOGust 1st as a chance to spotlight adoptable dogs and to thank those who tirelessly work at shelters. 

Here at The Gentle Pit, we’ve decided to observe the incredible holiday all month long and we hope you will all do the same. As part of the celebration, consider volunteering at your local shelters, give donations to canine charities, and of course, shower your dog with affection. 

Some may also be inspired to adopt a rescue dog during the month. While we would love that, the Animal League America spokeswoman, Kathleen Lynn, stated in a 2018 interview with Good Morning America that she would like potential pup parents to look at certain factors before taking home a pooch in the name of DOGust. Specifically, she wanted future adoptees to look at their lifestyle and do diligent research to see if a particular pup is right for them. 

So with all that said and done, how will YOU be celebrating DOGust?

image courtesy of @jackthepibblepotamus


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