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Dog vs. Cat

There is a widespread belief that cats and dogs can’t stand being around each other. Now, this can be the case for some of our furry friends. However, quite a few pups actually adore cats. 

So why exactly are there dogs who love cats and others who seemingly have a deep-seated hatred for them? 

According to Wag!, our feline friends have different communication styles than our canine companions, as “dogs are much more social creatures than cats.” Basically, an energetic pup, who just wants to play, could unintentionally be antagonizing a cat. 

While speaking to Catser in 2018, Amy Shojai, a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, shared that pet parents can implement some training techniques to make sure that their furry friends can at least be okay in each other’s presence. 

“Careful and patient introductions increase the odds for a smooth transition and acceptance. People need to recognize that cats and dogs communicate differently, and want different things out of life, so there can be misunderstandings. It’s up to people to interpret and provide structure so they enjoy each other and get along,” said the behavior consultant. 

She also encouraged pet owners to “[p]rovide enrichment for both” their cat and dog. She recommended purchasing “[s]econd-story property for cats in the form of cat trees, perches and window views and floor-level toys, chews, and sniff-games of fetch-and-find for dogs,” so that the animals could enjoy themselves in separate spaces.

In an April 2021 YouTube video, cat behaviorist, Jackson Galaxy, of “My Cat from Hell” fame, gave pet parents some tips about getting your dog to be friendly with cats. 

“When you are bringing in another species to the house -- when you get a cat and you're bringing in a dog, you're bringing in a dog into a world with a cat, do your diligence. Preparation is key,” said Galaxy. 

He went on to say that prior to adopting a feline friend, pup parents need to make sure that their pooch has had some training and understands basic commands. 

“You have to be able to confidently say that your dog can do a ‘down stay.’ And then when a cat walks through the room they keep that ‘down stay,’” said the Animal Planet star. 

Galaxy also shared that pet parents should “manage their expectations” and not feel disappointed if their furry friends aren’t BFFs. 

“Harmony is letting the animals decide what is happiness -- happiness is safety, happiness is knowing the outcome of every interaction in the cat and dog world it means that we can be together in the same room, feel safe, know that we aren’t going to get into it with the other one,” said the “My Cat from Hell” star. 


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