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Paula & Roxy: Rescued in Washington

NAME: Paula

DOG's NAME: Roxy

LOCATION: Bonney Lake, Washington

How did you come to find your rescue dog?  I had never had a dog before my husband and I adopted Roxy in May of 2017. When we made the decision to adopt, I left work three hours early to go ransack a pet store for supplies.  I found her through a friend of a friend. She was the runt of her litter and had already gone through a couple of families by the time I met her. I knew that black dogs struggle the most with getting adopted from shelters, but when we took her to a daycare in Seattle to help socialize her, she was so friendly she was chosen to be one of the greeter dogs! 

If you and your pup had an entire day to do only fun things together, what would your day look like? Oh man! It would begin with Roxy waking us up for breakfast and then burrowing back under the covers for a couple of hours after she ate. Then we’d play with a squeaker tennis ball and go for a walk to find big sticks to drag home. We’d load up into the Jeep and go explore Mt. Rainier and have a picnic (only cheese would be served if Roxy was packing). We’d come home to cuddle up in front of the fire and watch Disney movies while Dad grills and finish the day by snuggling in bed. 

How has your rescue dog made your life better? Roxy has taught me patience. She loves to travel in the mountains and goes everywhere we go. She loves snow. She brings us so much joy, she’s such a goofball! Fun fact: Roxy is afraid of laundry and plastic bags. 

What made you decide to rescue a dog (as opposed to buying one)?  When we started to talk about  getting a dog we knew we didn’t want to buy one.  There are so many amazing dogs in shelters that need homes and we wanted to do our part to by helping a dog in need. 

If you had two magic minutes where your dog could understand everything you said, what would you tell her/him?  I would tell her thank you for letting us be your parents and for teaching me patience. Thank you for snuggles on cold nights or when we’re sad  and for getting us out to explore but please stop barking every time you hear something outside and drooling so much when we eat. We love you!

What would be your dog's theme song? “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf 

How did you first get discover The Gentle Pit? When I first adopted Roxy, I wanted to get her some apparel and that's when I first came across the Gentle Pit. Olive and Petal are two of my favorite creatures. I loves GP’s mission and the fact that they give back to the rescue community. I really hope that through social platforms like the Gentle Pit, word can be spread. BSL is absolutely absurd.

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