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Kirstyn & Alice: Alice Literally is My Soul Mate

 Your name: Kirstyn

Your dog's name: Alice

Your location: Virginia

What made you decide to rescue a dog (as opposed to buying one)? I have always had rescue dogs. The thought of all the dogs without homes is heart breaking.

How did you come to find your rescue dog and how did you know he/she was 'the one'? I was going to PetCo for guinea pig supplies and they were having an unexpected adoption event with a small rescue in my area. We already had a rescue pit, Flint, and had no plans to rescue another. However, as soon as I walked in I spotted this little chubby puppy that was all alone with no one around it. I walked up to say hi and immediately got kisses from her. She was peeing all over (due to an untreated UTI) and I just couldn’t walk away. My husband, at the time boyfriend, wasn’t convinced but I just knew she would be coming home with us. I asked the volunteers what her name was and no one knew. I just knew I had to get her out of there. Luckily, we had Flint with us so we had them introduced and they did well. Needless to say, she came home with us!

If you and your pup had an entire day to do only fun things together, what would your day look like? Alice LOVES fetch so we would probably spend a good 5 hours just playing fetch. Then we would get some ice cream, because my little lady loves to eat! We would end the day cuddled up together napping

If you had two magic minutes where your dog could understand everything you said, what would you tell her/him? I would tell her how much I love her and how thankful I am that she was brought to me. I would ask her what I could do to make her even happier, because I would do anything for my beautiful girl!

What would be your dog's theme song? Sheryl Crow - Here Comes the Sun

How does your pup make your life better? Alice literally is my soul mate. This dog has saved me when my mental health is seriously struggling. She is by my side through all of my chronic illness ups and downs. I could not imagine two souls being more intertwined.

What do you want the world to know about rescuing a dog? Don’t get a dog unless you are prepared to commit 15 years to it. Dogs are the most wonderful gifts from the universe, but they take a lot of hard work.

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