Makers & Artists The Gentle Pit

Barx + Blooms

Allyx and Alysia

San Francisco, Ca

Creators  I   Shippe LA

BARX + BLOOMS was birthed out of Co-Founder, Allyx's, desire for her pit bull Mix, Cleo, to be well-received by others. Prior to rescuing Cleo, she too believed the misconceptions about pit bulls and never wanted to own one. Fortunately, her husband would not relinquish his intention to adopt a pit bull and after he convinced her to rescue Cleo, she quickly learned that her past beliefs about this dog type were wrong. 

Co-Founder, Allyx, and her family have faced many hardships and negative treatment by others for owning Cleo. After experiencing such discrimination for owning a pit bull, Allyx began to try to find ways for her sweet and loving dog to be well received by society.  Allyx designed the first BARX + BLOOMS Flower Collar with the hopes that it would encourage positive reception of Cleo. The collar exceeded every expectation and in an instant, Cleo was viewed as approachable. Many people's inherent fear and timidity of the breed was replaced with joy and acceptance and they were able to see Cleo for the wonderful dog that she is.  What we love most about the BARX + BLOOMS Flower Collar is that it is the first influencer for many people to give a new and compassionate look towards Pitties!