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Tiffany Hudson
Best leash

I adore this leash. Recently when walking my pup, I didn’t noticed during his sniffing around the leash passed over some poop on the grass. It’s always been so frustrating cleaning fabric leashes when accidents like this happen, but when I got home it was so easy to clean off the mess. I also love the extra slit towards the front of the leash for extra control. Sometimes my puppy gets overly excited seeing any dog when we’re walking. Although we’re in training, he can still pull and is quite strong. This leash gives me so much better control to prevent him from running up to other pups and getting into any potential accidents. Not to mention it’s also so stylish. I love it!

Great leash

Thick and sturdy, heavy clasps and a really nice texture. It’s smooth so doesn’t bother my wrist when my dog pulls or when my other dog’s leash rubs against it on my wrist. I use this one with my smaller girl, only about 20 pounds, but it feels like it would be perfect for someone bigger, although I haven’t tried it (my other girl is 85 and a puller, so I tend to use products geared for extra large dogs with her, just to be safe).

Jessica Coleman
Love this leash!

The love the smooth texture and beautiful gold details of this leash! (I got the matching collar too) It’s the perfect length and so soft and comfortable to hold on to. Definitely a couple steps up from the chain store leash we’ve been using. Can’t wait for all the new colors!


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