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Bracelet and necklace

I cannot thank you enough for this jewelry that will forever remind me of my boy. You made something that is like no other piece I own and I am in love with it. I cannot say enough amazing things. My necklace and bracelet I received as a wonderful tribute to my Max a.k.a. Mr. Handsome will forever be a part of me. The detail and craft is just incredible. It sparkles like no other jewelry I own. I have fostered over 60 pits and he was the one I couldn’t live without and made him mine. He was rescued after being dumped from a truck tied inside of a trash bag barely alive. From the minute he entered my house he was amazing with everything. Kids, my dog, cats, and loved people like no other. This breed is amazing and the resilience they have is incredible. Sadly his life was cut short in January at 9 years old due to severe underlying issues he showed zero symptoms of until days before. He was my calm, my peace, my shadow and it broke my heart but I kissed his head as he peacefully left this world. This necklace and bracelet will forever be a reminder that he will always be with me wherever I go. Thank you for making such amazing pieces of jewelry that will forever be with me. Xo


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