Diamond Pup Love Pendant

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Stephany P.
I love the Gentle Pit!!!

I ordered the pittie necklace from this lovely company and I absolutely adore it! Unfortunately I accidentally left it on my dresser and it fell to the floor and my bf unknowingly vacuumed it, causing it to shred into 3 pieces . :*( I was devastated! i reached out to Casey (the gorgeous owner) and she told me to send it in so they can try to fix it. They did! They sent it to their jeweler, who fixed it like nothing ever happened to it! And free of charge! I am so grateful to Casey and her team, it was my first real piece of jewelry I have ever bought for myself and it was right before I was furloughed from my job. There was no way I could afford a brand new one. I can’t thank you enough Casey!!! You are an Angel and I’m sooooo grateful!!! Thanks again!! Sending you all my love and gratitude, Steph :heart:️:heart:️

Thank you Stephany! We are so glad we could help!

Jennifer P.
Dainty and beautiful

I was gifted this from my husband for our anniversary. It is beautiful and quite dainty. The rose gold is gorgeous. Has both Options for 16-18 inch Just be aware that it is very tiny and delicate - but just captures the Pittie ears that we love so much on our beautiful Pittie, Daisy.


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