G4 List FAQs

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What is my $20 membership fee used for?
100% of the $20 G4 List membership fee is donated to charitable causes. Every quarter we will ask YOU where it should go by emailing you a list of some of the animal and dog related organizations we are thinking of supporting and asking for your input. 

Do I have to be on the G4 List to get The Gentle Pit emails?
Nope! If you're on our email list currently, you will continue to get all of the TGP goodness. However, you won't get early access to new collections, sales, etc. and you won't get an upgrade to our 20% off discount.

Do I still get a discount code when I sign up for your email list?
Yes! New email list member receive a 10% off coupon code. G4 List members will be upgraded to a 20% off code. 

How long is my membership good for?
G4 List memberships run for the calendar year. So the sooner you sign up in the year, the sooner you will start getting early access to new launches and your 20% off coupon! We will send you a reminder towards the end of the year when it is time to renew. 

If I'm not a member of the G4 List does a portion of my purchase still support rescue?
Absolutely! Every single purchase from our store gives back to animal rescue related causes. However as a member of the G4 List you will get input on where we give back.

I can really become a member of the G4 List by donating to a different organization other than The Gentle Pit?
YUP! Our biggest desire is that we are a part of helping to make our communities better. And if you are already doing that by donating elsewhere, we want to reward you for it! The only stipulation is that your outside donation must be a registered 501c3 charity.  

Is my $20 donation tax deductible?
At this time, no. The Gentle Pit is currently not a 501c3 charity. However as we grow, stay tuned for updates on this changing! And also be assured that we do take your $20 membership fee and give it directly to a 501c3. We take nothing off the top.