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Fosters & Company
Fun colors!

I often have fosters at my house and this leash helps make training time so fun! It's a blast to dress up fosters in cute and vibrant adopt me gear and work on basic manners and leash manners in the neighborhood or dog friendly establishments. The leash is long enough for pups--2 to 6 months old-- and sturdy enough for weights up to 30lbs. (I use different leashes for my adult dogs who are stronger and heavier than a young pup.) This is my go-to foster training leash because it's fun and can handle pulling and tugging from puppies. Easy to clean. Material is comfortable as well. Receive a lot of compliments!

Updated review

I bought this leash initially as part of a leggings/leash pack. Walked my dog (20 pounds) and grommets broke within minutes. Gave a review and company contacted me immediately and sent me a new one. Thinking it was probably just a one off defect, and it was! I got the second leash and we went for some walks and went to the pet store to get a nail trim, and leash has been great. Grommets haven’t budged, and like I said in prior review, the leash material is great. Kind of a rubbery, firm yet pliant material. Really like this product and really like the company and their outreach. Just all around awesome!

Nanami Bombassei


Broke on first walk-Edited

The material is a nice, almost rubber like feel, but the grommets holding the handle together weren’t secure. Both sets of grommets fell apart during the first walk with this leash.
EDIT: The company contacted me and sent me a new leash. The thought was that this was a one off defect and it was. I got the new leash and we went on some walks and I even took my girl to the pet store for a nail trim and the leash was great. Grommets haven’t budged. The company is great and they were super responsive, and the leash is awesome.

Ashley Wilke
Love this leash!

Great quality & super stylish!


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